Chalk Art with the Sunshine Kiddos 
(Sunshine Kids Foundation)
Naples, FL
It all started back in 2013 when I learned about a local event on 5th Avenue in Naples, Florida... Chalk Art (environmentally friendly powdered paint is used instead of traditional chalk sticks!)

A local establishment, Paddy Murphy's sponsored me my first two years... and despite being VERY sore afterwards... for days, it was such a fun challenge to see if I could paint a large square, on the street in just one day!
And then I became involved with the Sunshine Kids Foundation as a "Volunteer Artist". We had Art Parties and Painting Parties... and I loved it (and so did the kids)!!

So in 2015 after talking with the Southeastern Region Senior Manager of the Sunshine Kids Foundation. I decided to continue my chalk art tradition... but with kiddos from the foundation. 

And it went like this... 😍
2015 Chalk Art 
Kiddos each had their own flower to paint and had free range to paint around the edges. This was also the year that we decided we were here to HAVE FUN. And while the largest square size for competing was 12 ft by 12ft... this was also the first (and not the last) time we made it HUGE!
2016 Chalk Art 
Keeping up with the theme of creative freedom... kiddos were encouraged to have fun and put there own touch on things!
2017 Chalk Art 
A late start due to the weather changed up 2017's plans but we still did our best with limited time!
2018 Chalk Art 
With some of the kiddos, now pros at Chalk Art, total freedom was given (I only painted the colorful background and outlined "Sunshine Kids"). And there was splatter paint! LOTS of splattering!
2019 Chalk Art 
2019, after a newly found appreciation of the Beatle's by some of the older kiddos... the theme of 2019 was inspired by the Beatle's song "Across the Universe" and included the lyrics "limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns, it calls me on and on across the universe". As of 2020, Chalk Art in Naples is on hold, it was a wonderful journey and it was WAY more fun with my kiddos!!

To learn more about the Sunshine Kids Foundation and the amazing things they do for our little warriors, please click here.
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