August's Featured Quote Card for Creative Mornings Cleveland


Outside my comfort zone.....

I've always admired and deeply envied those that could create realistic portraits... 
I've never been able to.

But I suppose there's something to be said about the quote... 
"you don't know until you try".

My first attempt at a realistic portrait (aside from the really bad oil paintings I did way back in high school) and I think it turned out alright!
I started off in Illustrator on iPad because I wanted to continue exploring extensive gradients and then remembered... (*duh*) that a different method would be waaaay more suitable for a printed card.

So I exported the original Illustrator file as a Photoshop File directly from Illustrator on iPad (and saved the file on my iPad).

Then I opened the file in Adobe Fresco and dove back into creating! I used pixel brushes for the portrait of Justin and the background. Then used the vector brush for the lettering and stars (and a tad bit of Kyle T Webster's grain brush over the lettering to give it a bit of depth).

I love the ability to change directions AND never leave my iPad, even with switching between file formats!
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