As someone that has loved The Sims franchise and decorating Sim houses for decades, this was very fun to create using Models and Materials available through Substance 3D Assets.

Small details created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were included in the final composition: a Unicorn, a Sunshine Rainbow, and a Generative AI Cat Portrait of our one-eyed kitty Drew Hairymore. 

Keep scrolling to see more stills or view the final 3D project in your web browser!
Rainbow vector image created in Adobe Illustrator Desktop for my Making a 3D Rainbow in Illustrator tutorial for the CreativePro March 2023 Issue.
Originally a watercolor and ink doodle, vectorized and cleaned up in Illustrator on the iPad and turned into a sticker... this unicorn was the perfect fun touch to add to this scene!
When Photoshop Generative Ai Features were still in their early testing stages, I took a few pictures of Drew Hairymore (our one-eyed rescue kitty) and randomly made compositions. 

While the original image does have her sticking out her little tongue... the sunglasses, background, and additional lounging kitties were added with the Photoshop Generative Fill feature. And since my skills are not quite there to create a cat in 3D, yet.. a picture suffices to complete the perfect cozy book nook! 
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